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You can consult here the list of the standardization commissions of IMANOR. By clicking on the name of a commission, you will have access to more specific information about it. You will also be able to consult his work program or find out about upcoming meetings or standards being developed.

Véhicules électriques Active

Commission de normalisation de la climatisation, du chauffage et de la ventilation Active

Prestations topographiques Active

Commission de Normalisation des produits cosmétiques Active

TEST Active

Plastics Active

Transport and mobility Active

rubbers Active

Paper and cardboard Active

Chemical products Active

Paints and varnishes Active

Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products Active

adhesives Active

Textile products Active

Leather and derivatives Active

Parapharmaceutical products and medical-technical items Active

Air quality Active

Cycles and Motorcycles Active

Automotive Equipments Active

Agricultural machinery, instruments and equipment Active

packaging Active


Fat body Active

sugars Active

Juices and Drinks Active

preserves Active

Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Cocoa, Spices, Food Sel and Similar Products Active

Infant Food Active

Fertilizing Materials and Culture Media Active

Fruits, vegetables and derived products Active


Cereals, Legumes and Derivatives Active

Milk and Derivatives Active

Meat and Meat Based Products Active

Methods of Analysis and Sampling of Foodstuffs Active

Poultry Products Active

Sea products Active

Fastening elements Active

Electrical products Active

Wires, cables and accessories Active

Electronic products Active

Non-destructive checks Active

Boilermaking and metal joinery Active

Renewable energies Active

Foundry products Active

Tubes and tubular products Active

Household appliances Active

Pressure devices Active

lifts Active

Management systems Active

Measuring instruments Active

Toy safety Active

Appliance and machine safety Active

accreditation Active

Artisanal products Active

Lifting devices Active

Information and Communication Technologies Active

Documentation and information Active

Concrete iron and prestressing cables Active

Fire safety Active


Career products Active

Wood, cork and related products Active

Hydraulic binders Active

Road sign Active

Concretes, mortars and derived products Active

Water quality Active

External protection of metal pipes Active

Sewerage and drinking water supply networks Active

Coating tiles Active

Joinery doors and windows Active

Plumbing and sanitary products Active

Hardware store Active

Plumbing Active

Terracotta products Active

Glazing and mirrors Active

Food additives Active




Electrical installation Active

Pottery ovens Active

Bases of calculation of constructions Active

Real estate construction Active

Services Active

furnishing Active

Waste Active

Waste Active

Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Related Equipment Active

Corrosion of metals and alloys Active

Bakery, Pastry and Biscuits Active

Reception areas Active

Bee products Active

Acoustic Active

Food for animals Active

Petroleum products and lubricants Active

Thermal insulation Active

Tourism and related services Active

Explosives and derived products Active

Geographic information Active

Social security Active

Sustainable construction Active

Performance of buildings Active

Social responsibility Active

Pavements and hydrocarbon binders Active

Roofing and waterproofing work in the building Active

Public facilities Active

Geotechnical reports Active

Installation and Equipment for the Food Industry Active

Products and services Halal Active

Waterproofing and ancillary equipment Active

Ergonomics Active

Accessibility Active

Soil quality Active

Geosynthetic products Active

Personal Safety - Protective Clothing and Equipment Active

Cryogenic vessels Active

Electromagnetic compatibility Active

Logistics Active

Hygiene and Sanitary Security of Foods Active

nanotechnology Active

Welding and related techniques Active

Innovation management Active

Sustainable development of cities and communities Active

Plastics pipes, fittings and valves for the transport of fluids Active

Exploitation minière Active

Commission de normalisation de la restauration du patrimoine bâti. Active

Technologies de l’hydrogène Active

Hydrographie, Océanographie et Cartographie marine Active