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The Moroccan Electrotechnical Committee includes the following categories:

Electric power producers, carriers and distributors; Manufacturers and installers of electrical and electronic equipment and equipment and professional organizations; Importers of electrical and electronic equipment and materials Testing laboratories and technical centers; Research and training establishments; Consumer associations; Administrations and public establishments concerned by the electrotechnical sector. Membership of COMELEC is open to any organization belonging to one of the categories mentioned above and fulfilling its obligations in accordance with the provisions of these internal regulations and in particular the payment of the annual membership fee on time. Each member is admitted to the category which corresponds to his main activity. The public administrations concerned with the electrotechnical sector, consumer associations and research and training establishments are ex officio members of COMELEC. Each member body of COMELEC designates by name the person who represents it and another as alternate representative.

COMELEC may join any other person or organization whose assistance is deemed useful.

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