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IMANOR develops Moroccan standards on a consensual basis through an open, transparent and independent process to meet the expectations of companies, industries and government.

Standards development

Identify and follow the draft standards that affect you in their life cycle since programming, publishing and revision.

Technical committees

Technical committees on standardization are working bodies of the IMANOR, responsible for the standardization activities in specific areas of economy.

What are standards?

Standards are documents, established by consensus based on the consolidated results of science, technologies and experience.

Standardization advantages

Tourism and related services — Hotels — Service requirements

CN 92 more

Véhicules routiers Rétroviseurs - Méthodes d'essai et exigences.

CN 13 more

Agricultural and forestry machinery — Safety requirements and testing for portable, hand-held, powered brush-cutters and grass-trimmers — Part 2: Machines for use with backpack power unit

CN 14 more

Agricultural machinery - Safety - Silage loading, mixing and/or chopping and distributing machines

CN 14 more

Agricultural machinery — Safety — Part 9: Seed drills

CN 14 more

Agricultural machinery — Safety — Part 8: Solid fertilizer distributors

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International standards

International standards are standards developed by the International organizations for standardization ISO, IEC.

European standards

European standards are instrumental in the protection of interests of society and they play important role in support of legislation.

Harmonized standards

Harmonized standards are European standards (EN), produced under mandate from the European Commission (EC) or from the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)