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Suggest a new standard

Have you identified the need for a new standard? If you have an idea, submit a proposal to us.

What happens after you submit your idea:

  • Your proposal will be reviewed by standardization experts
  • We may contact you if we need clarification
  • If suitable, your suggestion could be used as the basis for a formal standardization proposal for a British Standard, international or European standard, or Publicly Available Specification (PAS)
  • If this proposal is accepted, it will go on to be developed by a BSI technical committee and become a published standard.

Please note that not all suggestions become standards or formal standardization proposals.

Proposal guidance:

Before submitting a proposal for a new standard ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it a product, service or process that needs to be standardized?
  • Why is the standard necessary?
  • For which industry(ies) is it relevant and specifically, who would use the standard?
  • Which trade associations or industry bodies should be involved in its development?
  • Are there currently any relevant standards or is there any relevant existing good practice guidance within the industry?
  • Are there any IPR or patent related issues related to this idea?
  • What happens after your idea is submitted?

Propose an idea for a new standard

Please use this suggestion form to provide details of your idea to us. Required form fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) character.

Defining problems that could be solved with a standard.

(i.e. Consumer protection, sustainability, public policy, etc)

Industry section (i.e. Agriculture; plantations; etc)

Can use a job description

(i.e. professional organization, government department, trade association etc)

Names of the organizations

(e.g. Industry codes of practice; company specifications)