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Our Strategy

Standardization is an essential element of the economic development strategy. It constitutes a commercial tool allowing a better knowledge of the state of the art and market practices. It has become an indisputable benchmark for quality through certification of compliance with standards, both those relating to product characteristics and those describing management systems.

These activities are developed within the framework of economic development, and their management is based today on modern techniques making it possible to constantly meet the expectations of economic operators.

The current context increases and modifies the expectations of the various partners, both in terms of the development of standards and in terms of downstream activities such as the dissemination of normative documentation, training in the techniques conveyed by standards, particularly in this area. concerning management systems, and certification of compliance with standards.

Adapting to this new context requires the definition of a development strategy taking into account the achievements of the current system, the experiences of other organizations with similar activity and the international dimension imposed by the choice of our country to engage in the economic globalization process.

The main objective of this strategy is to allow the Moroccan standardization and certification system to play its full role in the socio-economic development of the country and to effectively support Moroccan economic operators in their efforts to progress.

The elements of the strategy common to standardization, certification and information activities are as follows: